About us

Coalition Art Gallery is a space where artists have the freedom to show their work to the public no matter their experience or training. Our deep commitment to and appreciation for the creative process of making art has brought us to believe that every artist deserve a spotlight. We are not just a business, we are a community of creators.

Creator / Owner

Bayo Olympio

“I chose to operate the gallery as a for-profit business because I see it as the best way to support artists and serve the community in a way the lines up with my morals and values. The limitations inherent in nonprofits, such as grant requirements and the constant need to appeal to funders, mean that nonprofits are often forced to compromise their values in order to maintain funding. I believe when our organizations are funded by us, individuals in the community, rather than grants, and when decisions are made by those we aim to support (artists and community) rather than board members, those organizations can truly serve us.” -Bayo

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